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Here’s The Rolls Royce Spirit Of Ecstacy Faberge Egg, Happy Easter Everyone!

Here is the Rolls Royce Spirit Of Ecstacy Faberge Egg. May this Easter usher the spirits of ‘eggstacy’ in you !

With the year’s Easter celebrations around the corners, Rolls Royce and Faberge have given out previously unreleased images of their most-magnificent Spirit of Ecstacy Faberge egg, a unique contemporary art collectable for the affluent. Rolls Royce, in 2018, had joined hands with Faberge to create a contemporary imperial egg on behalf of a patron of both luxury houses.

The Spirit of Ecstacy Faberge Egg is one super exclusive piece of art that has been crafted with breathtaking attention to detail and overwhelming craftsmanship. Faberge has a rich legacy in making superluxurious pieces of art. The Spirit of Ecstasy egg is just the second object to be commissioned in their Imperial Class of collectables. Now you know how exquisite this is, don’t you?

Weighing 400g, the egg stands 160mm high and does absolute justice to its Imperial pedigree. It rests on a magnificent purple enamel guilloché base made of 18-carat white gold. It has gotten arms of rose gold defining the shape and a secret lever at the base to open the shell to reveal its content. The content, by the way, is a hand-sculpted Spirit of Ecstasy figurine, made out of frosted rock crystal. Many super expensive materials like rose gold, round white diamonds, etc have gone into the making of this exuberant piece of artistry.

The operating mechanism for the shell is one of the most complicated the luxury house has ever made. Various computer-aided designs and microengineering methodologies have been blended with the traditional goldsmith’s art in manufacturing the Spirit of Ecstasy Egg.

The egg had seen its premiere in October 2018, at the House of Rolls Royce in Goodwood, West Sussex, amidst a bunch of handpicked millionaires from around the globe. Currently, it is on public display at Faberge in Mayfair. Enough now, rejoice in the beauty of this ‘Eggstasy’ and have a blessed Easter!

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