Porsche To Restart Production On The 4Th Of May!

The production at Porsche factory will restart with strict safety measures for the workforce in play…

With the COVID 19 pandemic coming under control in many parts of the world, Porsche is gearing up to bring its production lines back to work. Like many other manufacturers, Porsche has also decided to restart manufacturing in stages. The lines will come back to life on the 4th of May 2020. The Zuffenhausen facility and the site in Leipzig will both witness a gradual recommencement of production.

Porsche AG has taken immense care in ensuring a safe workplace for its entire workforce. The schedule and associated timings have been redesigned to get an orderly and efficient production in the shortest possible time. Effective social distancing would be observed among the employees, who would also wear masks at all times. Working has shifted successfully to the digital arena wherever possible, and meetings and conferences are being conducted through video calls and telephone calls. Thus the carmaker is striving hard to safeguard its employees against the pandemic.

Porsche AG

The carmaker had originally stopped its production on the 21st of March 2020. The halt was initially announced to last two weeks. But, owing to the global supply chain hurdles, it was later extended to six weeks.

As part of its COVID 19 relief measures, the manufacturer has been donating money and organizing medical equipment to hospitals through the ‘Porsche Helps’ initiative. The carmaker has also been supplying food to food banks during these difficult times.

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