Nissan GT R50 By Italdesign Breaks Veils, Looks As Exciting As It Actually Is!

nissan GT R50 Italdesign

Production of the Nissan GT R50 by Italdesign would be limited to just 50 units globally!

After so much anticipation flooding the internet for long, Nissan has finally released the official images of the Nissan GT R50 by Italdesign. The Moncalieri- based design and engineering house has apparently done wonders to the car. The Nissan GT R50 looks absolutely radical in every inch and had originally been slated for a Geneva debut. Since the auto show got canceled due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the makers have now chosen to reveal it in Italy.

Unlike what we had seen in the renderings earlier, the car that has now been showcased gets teal paintwork and blacked-out front and rear fascias. Essentially drawn by Nissan’s designers from Europe and N.America, the overall design theme boasts of sharp edges and a much-lowered roofline than the 2018 GTR Nismo, which forms the base for this. The design could be called well drawn while talking about the aerodynamics as well. There are magnificent-looking LED headlamps and suave tail lamp units upping the style quotient further. The Nissan GT R50 gets a ‘huge’ rear wing that can be adjusted. The massive 21-inch alloy wheels you see on this car are specific to the GT-R50.

nissan GT R50 Italdesign

The cabin lags behind the exterior in the number of changes made, but it must be noted here that whatever changes have been made here, do impart a fresh look to the cockpit as a whole. There is generous use of premium quality materials like Carbon Fiber, Alcantara and leather, all in a frantic effort to hide the rocketing age of the GTR cabin. Nothing as such seems to have seen massive changes inside, save for these few additions.

However, the story with the mechanicals is way different. Various mechanical and performance upgrades have been incorporated into the GT R50 by its makers that the 3.8L Twin-turbo V6 now lets out as much as 710hp and 575 lb-ft! Yes, that is some serious hike out there. To cop up with the increased performance, a reinforced sequential six-speed dual-clutch transmission and new Brembos have also been installed. The suspension has also been revamped and the car runs on Pilot Super Sport rubber from Michelin.

nissan GT R50 Italdesign

Just 50 units of the GT R50 are to be made globally and the bookings are already open for the same. Sources reveal that there are a few more units left awaiting their potential buyers. However, this car would not come cheap, it is a whopping $1.08 million tag that is hanging around its neck! The first batch of deliveries is hoped to commence by late 2020, or early 2021.

Source: Nissan | Italdesign


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