The Mil-Spec Ford F150 Super Truck Is A 500 HP Monster !

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The popular Ford F150 here sheds its factory outfits and gets into the new beastly tactical cloaks from Mil-Spec Automotive!

Michigan based Mil-spec Automotive has now unveiled yet another product in their lineup. The manufacturer, known for making beastly badass versions of popular vehicles, has chosen to go with a Ford F150 this time around. They have made a 500 hp monster out of the popular truck.

The truck chosen by the Mil spec team is not a Raptor. It gets a bunch of exterior and performance upgrades to complete the tactical styling that it boasts of. There is a butch roof rack with LED light bar, spare tire carrier in the bed, custom black alloy wheels shod with massive 37-inch off-road rubber, tweaked front and rear bumpers etc on offer.

The Mil-Spec Ford F150 Super Truck Is A 500 HP Monster ! 1

The truck gets a choice of four exterior colours- two shades of gray, black and white. Mil-spec has done decent touches on the inside of the F150 as well. The interior now gets special leather seats and billet Aluminium control knobs along with the stylish badging characteristic of the maker.

Coming to the technical and performance fronts, the Mil-spec F150 has a heavily tweaked version of the 5.0L Coyote V8, that puts out as much as 500 horsepower, that too through the naturally aspirated route. More on the engine is yet to be known, but we know that it runs on 91 octane fuel.

The Mil-Spec Ford F150 Super Truck Is A 500 HP Monster ! 3

The suspension also gets decent upgrades on the Mil-spec F150. There have occurred hikes of 13.5 inches in the track width and 11 inches in the suspension travel as a result of the optional Baja Performance Package. There is yet another optional suspension upgrade on offer as well- a Fox 3.0 F-150 Long Travel Performance Shock package, that features a fully adjustable Coilover kit with 3-inch dia bypass shocks, that does a decent job a well.

This ‘ Monster Truck’ if only I were as privileged as to call it one, would start at $85,000 in the US.

Image Source: Mil-Spec Auto

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