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COVID-19 Response: Land Rover Gives The British Red Cross A Fleet Of Defenders To Fight The Pandemic!

The Land Rover Defender would help the British Red Cross immensely in delivering supplies and lending support to the people around.

The Land Rover Defender has been in news for quite a while now. Recently the reincarnation of the legendary British icon had had its official media drives held in South Africa as well. However, the latest news is not about it being reviewed or launched, but the SUV getting involved in the COVID Response scenario.

The COVID 19 Coronavirus outbreak has been tolling heavy losses on Britain in recent days. The country had recently recorded a shocking 563 daily fatalities. The net death count has already crossed 2300. Various humanitarian organizations are trying hard to keep the pandemic in check.

land rover defender red cross

Land Rover has now partnered with the British Red Cross in bringing the pandemic under control. The carmaker has given out an entire fleet of Land Rover Defenders exclusively for the Red Cross to carry out this mission. A recent video on the same shows the Red Cross officials revealing their plans of using the Defenders in their activities.

The British Red Cross hopes to use the Defenders to safely and conveniently move around checking on the vulnerable individuals, in their emergency response system and in ensuring supplies of food, medicines and the like to the vulnerable. The Defenders would aid the Red Cross in lending people the support they deserve during this crisis.

This is not the first time that the two are getting into a collaboration. The British Red Cross has been partnering with Land Rover for over 60 years now, as sources reveal.

land rover defender red cross

Built on the tough D7x platform, the Land Rover Defender is a go-anywhere machine powered by a massive 3.0L inline-six turbocharged mill, letting out 395hp and 406 lb-ft in the P400 guise. Even the smaller P300 gets a turbocharged 4 pot mill, good enough to give out 296hp on tap. The vehicle had been put to extensive terrain-tackling tests in Kenya prior to its global unveil…

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