The Grand Tour Season 4 Episode Scrapped Due To The Fear Of Terror Attacks; Reveals Jeremy Clarkson!

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Jeremy Clarkson shared this intensely saddening announcement on the Grand Tour Season 4, through his Sunday Times column recently

It’s not been long since the Grand Tour fans all over the world had what might have been the saddest moments of their recent past, seeing Jeremy Clarkson himself in tears at the close of the Grand Tour Season 3.

Now, the close of a season of this much-adored car show doesn’t demand such a dank adieu, but for this time, as the end of season 3 marks the end of an era, that of having the show tent audience, reviews etc as integral parts of the show. The next season had then been revealed to feature an entirely new format, that would have adventurous specials as its soul. The wait had henceforth been intense and arousing massive loads of curiosity all around.

But the sky-high hopes and soul breaking waits of the fans now seem to have had a straight blow on the face, with the legendary Jeremy Clarkson himself revealing how they had to get one of the episodes of the Grand Tour Season 4 cancelled, following the fear of a probable terrorist attack.

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Clarkson  made this shocking announcement through his Sunday Times column recently and had described it thus:”This would be an epic journey, except it would mean crossing the Sinai peninsula and, thanks to ISIS, the chances of us all arriving on the other side with heads were slim,” whereby he refers to the adventurous road trip that had been proposed from Saudi Arabia to Cairo in Egypt.

The reason for axing this epic road trip right in the brainstorming stage is evidently the ISIS and terror attacks. Despite the Grand Tour Amazon being one big-shot among the streaming series, with a vast-as-sea budget to beef things up with, the crew seems to be having a tough time finding exquisite locations to film the show safely and the speculations of probable “sporadic and vicious terrorist attacks” turn out to be the sharpest axes that most of these exotic place ideas could ever dream for!

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This, however, isn’t the first time that an episode idea is getting axed before inception. Proposals to film in the Andaman islands had earlier been dismissed taking into consideration the cannibal tribes inhabiting the area. Another one was when the team had given up the idea of shooting in Australia.

Even with all these happening around, we know the Grand Tour Season 4 featuring the epic trio- Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, in an all-new guise is gonna be mind blowing for sure. So fingers crossed and the wait is on…


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