Hero Maestro Edge 125 Review: What Is It Like To Live With India’s First Fuel Injected Scooter?

Words and Images: Neeraj Padmakumar


We put the Hero Maestro Edge 125 on a detailed real-world test…

The affinity of Indians towards 125cc scooters is on the rise today. 125s are becoming the new 110s! The Destini 125 was Hero Motocorp’s maiden answer to this new wave of two-wheeler affinity in India. Following the Desitini 125 that had originally been launched in October 2018, the manufacturer also brought in the 125 guise of the Hero Maestro Edge, which by the way, ranks among the top picked Heros of the day. The Maestro Edge which was originally a 110cc offering from Hero, now sees a bunch of exterior tweaks in the 125 guise. And we are about to put the Hero Maestro Edge 125 to an in-depth real-world test for a few days…

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How does it look?

The Hero Maestro 125 lives up to the ‘Maestro’ name tag in design. It looks quite like the standard Hero Maestro Edge 110, in the overall design.

However, there are a few things that differentiate this scooter from its ‘smaller’ sibling. The front cowl now gets finished in the body colour as opposed to the Maestro 110’s blackened piece. The side panels also boast of notable tweaks in their designs. There is a triangular LED element upfront, making up for a Daytime Running Lamp (DRL) under the regular Halo headlamp unit. The tail lamps too are completely new and beautifully designed.

There are a total of 6 colour options to choose from, two of which are dual tones. The dual tones are exclusive to the Fi versions of Maestro (Yes, you read that right, the new Maestro Edge 125 comes in a fuel injected variant as well.) Our test piece, had the Pearl fadeless white- brown paint scheme. The seat, floorboard, and the inner apron plastics are all finished in brown on this variant. This treatment ups the overall elegance of the vehicle by quite a bit.

The overall equipment and quality levels?

The Maestro Edge has been known for its material and build qualities ever since the launch of the first model in 2015. The same quality levels find a place in the 125cc iteration as well. As mentioned before, there are no LED headlamps on offer on the Hero Maestro 125. The instrument cluster looks decent and easily accessible. It is a combination of an analogue speedo and a digital screen with Orange backlight. The digital screen shows the fuel gauge, odo and a trip meter. It also has a service indicator icon. The plastics are all of good quality and there are no panel gaps big enough to be deal-breakers either.

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There is decent under-seat storage, good enough to accommodate an entry-level full-face helmet. The under-seat space also has illumination and a USB charging port in it. There is, however, no big surprise that the Maestro 125 has under veils all for itself, as all these features were already available on its 110cc sibling.

Hero Maestro Edge 125 Specifications?

Well, this is where the key change has happened. The Hero Maestro 125 has the honour of being the country’s first fuel-injected scooter. And it is indeed the Fi version that we got our hands on for this test. Powering this vehicle is a powerful 125 cc mill that is good enough to churn out 9.2hp. The carb version, however, puts out a mere 8.8hp. Torque figures tip the scale at the same 10.2Nm on both the iterations of the vehicle.

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How Is It To Ride?

The Hero Maestro Edge 125 is not the ‘fastest launching’ scooter in the segment. But past the 20kmph mark, you get to feel decent grunt from the motor and there is a strong boost thereafter, till the speedo shows 75-80kmph. 0-60 comes in quickly. I believe the scooter has a  very impressive mid-range.

The refinement levels of this engine are quite impressive, but not the best, to be brutally honest. No big vibrations seep into your palms at most rpms. But higher spins of the mill do generate a fair bit of vibrations near the floorboard. The overall fit and finish seems quite good. But our test bike showed slight rattling from the headlamp visor.

The chassis of the 125cc Maestro remains quite similar to its 110cc sibling. This gives the bike nimble and predictable handling overall. The suspension may be said to be on the stiffer side, but it just does not hamper rideability and comfort at all.

The scooter gets a 12-incher at the front and a smaller 10-inch wheel at the rear. You get decent stability and control over the bike till 60ish kmph. North of that the overall stability sees a decent drop, must be due to the smaller rear tyre.

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Braking knows no flaws with the front wheel getting a Bybre disc and the rear drum being efficient enough. We had to do a number of hard brakings during our test period and the scooter gave us no drama at all. Brake hard and it would just stay glued to the roads and come to a halt soon. The Maestro 125 is Hero’s first scooter to get a front disc brake if I am to say… Plus, there is iBS (Intelligent Braking System) on offer as well, which essentially is a rebranded version of CBS.

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Hero Maestro Edge 125 Mileage?

Fuel efficiency is the next big thing one would want to know about this vehicle. We did extensive tests to find out the real-world fuel efficiency of the Maestro 125. At the end of our 8 days test tenure, the scooter returned us 45kmpl on an average.

Hero Maestro Edge 125 Price In India?

The disc brake guise of the Maestro Edge 125 Fi comes to you for INR 62,700. There are three different variants to choose from. You can find more details about them and the prices here

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