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The Tesla Cybertruck Is A Bizarre-Looking Electric Pickup That Would Leave You Stunned !

Even with the strange AF design taken into account, there are still reasons for one to wait for the Tesla Cybertruck to enter production. Here’s more about it.

Pickup trucks are taking the EV space by storm. We’ve already heard of stuff coming from giants like Ford and startups like Rivian, and here is Tesla’s card finally. The most sought after EV brand of the time has finally taken veils off their pickup truck for the future- the Tesla CyberTruck. The vehicle was unveiled on Thursday at the Tesla Design Centre, LA.

I dare not pass comments on how the new Tesla truck looks. Beauty and looks are subjective, I understand. But even with my wildest aesthetic norms lit, I still cannot find this any less weird than I actually think it is! Well, MY BAD maybe! Anyways, the cyber truck looks the most angular a pickup truck can ever get. It strikes me here, how the modern-day EVs ‘redefine beauty’ (and occasionally refrain from killing it completely) I had had my newest taste of these cold-blooded design-murders in the recently launched Ford Mustang Mach E, where the American marque had ripped the acclaimed muscle car stereotype apart by ‘carving’ an electric SUV outta it !

That of the Tesla Cybertruck might be the most radical design from the EV giant yet. One might even find in it, cues resembling those of a DMC DeLorean. It is equally angular and ‘wannabe sleek’ if one were to say. Like it or hate it, but the Tesla Cybertruck will surely grab itself a second look from you!

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Image Source: Tesla Newsroom

The Tesla truck you see out here, looks more like a kit car or an extreme concept even to me, as might be the case with you as well. It gets a unibody layout (Oh hi there, dear Honda Ridgeline) and is made wholly of stainless steel, on a more detailed note “ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel”, as the Tesla boss likes to put it.

Elon Musk claims it to be ‘literally bulletproof’ as well! This, however, was proved wrong at the time of unveiling, when a demonstration of the same had had the greenhouse ruptured! (The Tesla CEO, however, joked on the occasion, calling the smashed windows ‘room for improvement’)

Coming back to the Tesla pickup truck, the specifications of the same would leave you stunned for sure! Imagine a truck that can do the 0-60 sprint in less than 2.9 seconds? Well, take home a Cyber Truck if you don’t believe! It seems, with the Tesla pickup truck Elon Musk aims for a machine that could beat the Porsche 911 on the tarmac and take down the Ford F 150 on terrains! Thus, Call the cyber truck, a Tesla ATV! Yes, it is capable of doing wonders both on and off the roads!

“Trucks have been the same for a very long time,” Tesla CEO told the media. “We wanted to show you something different… and we need sustainable energy now.”

Wondering how capable the Tesla truck is? Well, it can tow more than 14,000 lbs ! Yes, that is about 20 times more than what your Ford F 150 can ! It also excels in storage and practicality as well, as there are a humongous 6.5 feet vault and additional room inside the frunk, both on offer.

Tesla cyber truck, tesla truck, tesla cybertruck, cybertruck, tesla, new tesla truck, tesla model y
Image Source: Tesla Newsroom

The Tesla truck would come in three different versions:

  • Rear-wheel driven Single Motor setup with 250 mile range and 6.5 seconds needed for 0-60. ($39,900)
  • All-wheel driven dual motor setup with 300 miles range and 60mph in under 4.5 seconds ($49,900)
  • Triple motor all-wheel drive setup with a massive 500 miles of range and the quintessential 0-60 timing of under 2.9 seconds! (Bring it on now, Porsche!) ($69,900)

The triple motor monster would only enter production in late 2022s. The two former can now be pre-booked through Tesla’s booking portal. The truck is Tesla’s next big thing after the Tesla Model Y. What is your take on this? Let us know through the comments…

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